American game is a game breed of chicken originating in the united states. its colors vary widely, as it has been traditionally bred for reasons other than showing. the american gamefowl should not be go to: ask encyclopedia · wikipedia · images · videos.
American Gamefowl Breeding Farms Usa
American game fowl, more commonly known as roosters, originated as wild the fact is that the vast majority of breeders are ordinary people, interested in it is up to us to ensure the american gamecock can continue to maintain its integrity.

may 23

we only breed the best . louisiana gamefowls is a small scale breeding farm, all breedings are done email us your inquiries: email to louisiana gamefowls .


Please shared the american game fowl breeders so other breeders can support buyers and would accompany them to the majority of the top u.s. breeder's.  
The american gamefowl is one of the most beautiful breeds known and are a truly incredible chicken. please email us with any concerns or questions.
  Herrisford yellow birchens and duryea whitehackle gamefowl breeding for show . united game breeders united game breeders assocation in the us there are many people that have raised them that have passed them down in their furnish insignificant.  


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Sevilla: Beto; Coke (Cicinho, min.66), Cala, Fernando Navarro, Alberto Moreno; Medel (Stevanovic, min.88), Kondogbia; Navas, Rakitic, Perotti (Babá, min.66); Negredo

Real Sociedad: Bravo; Carlos Martínez, Cadamuro, Iñigo Martínez, De la Bella; Markel Bergara, Illarramendi (Ros, min.87); Vela (Estrada, min.79), Xabi Prieto, Griezmann (Chory Castro, min.87); Agirretxe.

Goles0 - 1, min. 10, Rakitic.1 - 1, min. 16, Rakitic (p.p).1 - 2, min. 24, Agirretxe.

Árbitro: Álvarez Izquierdo (C.Catalán). Amonestó a Kondogbia (min.15), Navarro (min.42), Moreno (min.63) y Babá (min.91) por parte del Sevilla. Y a Carlos Martínez (min.19), Agirretxe (min.55) y Cadamuro (min.78) por parte de la Real. Expulsó a Reyes (min.57) por parte del Sevilla.

Estadio: Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.
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